CA Vintage spike shoes (Yellow)
CA Vintage spike shoes (Yellow)
CA Vintage spike shoes (Yellow)

CA Vintage spike shoes (Yellow)

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CA Vintage spike shoes (Yellow) is designed for the needs of modern-day cricket, these shoes are built for power and speed.Boasting lightweight design, superior comfort, and lasting durability, these shoes are a blend of great cushioning and flexibility.
> Made of hydrolyzed high PU leather
> Usage of MD and high-density, lightweight rubber in creation of the sole
> Velcro system for optimum performance
> Outstanding support and great stability
> Specially designed sole grip for multi-directional movements
> Decent shock absorption capabilities
> Hot & Cold compressed Phylon for better cushioning and performance
> Lightweight design and superior feel
> Soft toe for improved comfort during bowling
> Suitable for both bowlers and batsmen
> Available in various colors and sizes